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Nuelle Alves

Nuelle Alves is a top fashion, lifestyle and beauty model with a strong background as TV entertainer, actress and cover featured on global magazines. With a following of over 500k people on Instagram and Facebook she posts about lifestyle, fashion products, photography, clothing and branding content. She also engage with her female followers sharing her hair, makeup, fitness and health hacks. From the past 2 years Nuelle Alves audience has perceive her a entrepreneur and visionary woman – a thinker and dreamer who inspires and encourages women – and believes her dominant attributes to be self-motivated, focused, innovative, friendly, creative and kind.

Nuelle Alves – Brazilian Model First gaining broad media attention participating in the TV reality show “A Fazenda de Verão”, Nuelle Alves didn’t take long to become a celebrity in her own right. She played “Dona Candinha” a funny TV show character and quickly made it to many global magazine covers.

Nuelle Cemira Alves da Silva won many beauty contests as a youth. Always polite, cheerful and extroverted, Nuelle received the title of Agriculture Queen.

She worked as a model for local clothing factories. While continued to win many other modeling competitions during the consecutive years. Due to her great friendliness and natural beauty, she made it into bigger gigs and fashion events. And finally signed to be the face of a manufacturer for which she partnered for a couple years.

Once in São Paulo, she continued to be signed to more relevant work. Participating in major beauty events and conquests opened her many opportunities, not only in São Paulo, but internationally. Her mom always encouraged her. She would proudly carry under her arm, a newspaper, in which Nuelle was featured. Unfortunately, in 2012, Nuelle’s mom passed away, leaving Nuelle extremely sad to the point of thinking of giving up her career. 

But at the same time the calls didn’t stop, and she signed up for the reality show “A Fazenda de Verão.”

At the reality show she could show her authentic self and the audience loved it. Leaving the TV reality show she joined the tests for another TV show called “Domingo Show” and passed, becoming “Dona Candinha”. The TV show was a big success and a great professional step for Nuelle. She signed for global magazines, newspapers, large fashion events, photoshoots, contracts and got featured on big media channels all the time.

Moving to New York she continuously pursued her career as a model side by side with personal improvement. Studying, developing strategies and building the grounds to her ambitious plans. Today Nuelle Alves is beyond a beautiful and friendly model. She became a businesswoman and right now she’s releasing her own line of products. Continuously shooting for brands, professionals and campaigns, Nuelle Alves is an amazing production partner.

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